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Tiffany Trump Was at Bravo Star Peter Cary

But we have talked about this for ten years. Esme and I have never been romantically involved. We will continue to date others and live our lives," Peterson said in a note on Instagram. "I understand many people will not understand or agree with this, but Esme and I have taken a progressive step towards what we believe marriage should be. I need to be constantly evolving, growing, and progressing. This is something I apply to every part of my life. We did this because we wanted to finalize our commitment to each other as life partners and best friends. Life is short, and I just want to be happy." Brown echoed Peterson's words in a statement of her own posted on Instagram. "He has always been my soulmate in every sense of the word and we felt mutually that Vegas was the place to finalize our commitment to partnership: a) because we were amongst close friends and b) because we love to have a little bit of a laugh.

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