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LOOK: Colts mascot officiates pregame wedding, hooks up newlyweds with big gift

LOOK: Colts mascot officiates pregame wedding, hooks up newlyweds with big gift If you're one of those people who has ever wondered if a mascot can legally officiate a wedding, it appears the answer is yes.  After years of watching fans propose at NFL games, we finally got something different on Thursday when a couple decided to get MARRIED at a game and since there weren't any ordained ministers around, the Colts mascot, Blue, decided to officiate the wedding.  Oh, and since Blue doesn't talk, he had to officiate the wedding with hand-written notecards.  The Colts mascot, Blue, officiated a wedding on Thursday. Joseph Swaim, 48, and Jennifer Hardey, 39, were the two lovebirds who decided to get married at Lucas Oil Stadium before the Colts kicked off against the Broncos in the final Thursday night game of the season.  If you're thinking about becoming an ordained minister, it looks like the state of Indiana will literally give anyone the legal authority to officiate a wedding, so you might want to start your search there.  If you're wondering how all of this came together, the team sent out an email to season-tickets holders during the preseason to let them know that they could get married before a game this year. At that point, Swaim -- who's had season-tickets for more than a decade -- and Hardy jumped at the opportunity.  "It's still kind of sinking in ," Swaim told the Indianapolis Star on Thursday. "Standing in this stadium right now. I still can't believe it." As it turns out, the best part about getting married at an NFL game isn't necessarily the getting married part, it's the awesome wedding gift that you get hooked up with. After the ceremony, Blue presented the newlyweds with a wedding/honeymoon gift from the Colts and the NFL: An all-expense paid trip to Super Bowl LII.  Sure, the Colts won't be playing and honeymooning in ice-cold weather isn't ideal, but it's free and it will likely be something they never forget. Speaking of the Colts, let's hope the marriage is slightly more successful than the Colts were on Thursday because they ended up losing 25-13.  Anyway, you can see the entire wedding ceremony below. As you're watching, please note that not only is Blue an ordained minister, but he also doubles as a chauffeur. After the ceremony, he drives the couple off in a golf cart that says "Just Married." A couple got married ON-FIELD ahead of #TNF by @Blue ! Congrats Joe and Jennifer and enjoy that surprise honey moon to SBLII! — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) December 15, 2017

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